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Content last updated on: February 19, 2015


Autoinflammatory diseases are very rare and patients with a suspected autoinflammatory disease should therefore be referred to a collegue with experience in these diseases. Please check with your collegues or local guidelines who specializes in autoinflammation in your country.

In the Netherlands,  the Nijmegen center for immunodeficiency and autoinflammation (NCIA) in the Nijmegen Radboud University Medical Center specializes in diagnostics and treatment of autoinflammatory syndromes. You can contact us by mail or telephone or by the contact form elsewere on this website. Our adress is:


Nijmegen Center for immunodeficiency and autoinflammation

Huispost 463

P.O. box 9101

6500 HB Nijmegen

The Netherlands