Content last updated on: May 29, 2017


Summary of canakinumab

Canakinumab is an anti-inflammatory drug. It inhibits the effects of the inflammatory mediator interleukin-1. It is only available as injections, which have to be taken every 8 weeks. Canakinumab may not available in every country.


Canakinumab is an anti-inflammatory drug

Canakinumab (it is pronounced ka-na-kee-nu-map) is an anti-inflammatory drug. Its brand name is Ilaris. Canakinumab inhibits the effects of the inflammatory mediator interleukin-1  (IL-1). This inflammatory mediator causes the signs and symptoms of autoinflammatory diseases.


IL-1 causes signs and symptoms of autoinflammation

IL-1 is an inflammatory mediator produced by certain white blood cells. These white blood cells are part of the so called innate immune system. IL-1  causes inflammatory signs and symptoms, such as fever, abdominal pain, muscle and joint pain and skin rash. Other inflammatory symptoms can also be caused by circulating IL-1.

The symptoms and signs of inflammation arise when IL-1 binds to its receptor. A receptor is a protein located on the outside of the cell membrane. When IL-1 binds to this protein, a signal is transmitted into the cell, leading to a cascade of reactions resulting in inflammation.


Anakinra inhibits inflammation by binding the IL-1 receptor

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